3 Unique And Space-Saving Ways To Show Off Your Office Book Collection

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3 Unique And Space-Saving Ways To Show Off Your Office Book Collection

6 October 2015
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Hardly any addition to an office looks more classy than a well-curated book collection. With space constraints dictating just how big your collection can be, efficiency is crucial when adding anything to your floor plan, especially something as increasingly ornamental as a book collection. Figuring out unique ways to store your books will help you to not only keep a bigger collection but also show it off in a way that won't interfere with the overall office design.

Floating Shelves

Floating bookshelves are the kind of super sleek office addition that can really distinguish your office space, especially if this is the sci-fi look that your office takes in general. Perhaps the best part of using floating bookshelves is that they are very simple to install, and only require a few tools and an old door that you might be able to find in a junkyard or on a construction site for free. 

Bookshelf Chairs

Most offices feature one chair for the person working there, usually a padded rolling chair, and one to three basic chairs for when clients or guests come. These basic chairs don't have to be so basic, but instead, you can use them to store your book collection, making them a double-function work of art. These useful pieces of furniture allow you to store books in a number of ways, and, most importantly, save space and look great in any office. 

Library Planters

Perhaps the two most common office accessories are potted plants and bookshelves, so wouldn't it be great to combine the two? You can do just that by buying a short bookshelf that can double as a planter. These space-saving designs allow you to stick a pot on top in a depression that would normally make up the top shelf of the bookcase. This not only saves a ton of space, but it also looks great and creates an all-in-one relaxation point in your office for when you just need a minute. 

No refined office space is complete without a solid collection of books, but once you've checked off all of these "requisites" for your office, you might not have room for your own desk. The solution to this is to combine and conquer, and an easy place to take on this task is with your bookshelves. Combining your library storage with your plant storage, your chairs, or even the wall itself can make packing all the necessities into your office much easier.