3 Types Of Furniture That Are Ideal For Small Spaces

If you are like most people, shopping for furniture might entail more than simply finding a few sofas that you like. Learn more here.

3 Types Of Furniture That Are Ideal For Small Spaces

9 October 2015
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One of the hardest parts about furniture shopping when you have a small apartment or space is trying to find something that will fit. However, there are several types of furniture that you will definitely want to consider, such as expandable tables, Japanese style bedding, modular seating.

Expandable Tables

One of the larger pieces of furniture that can often make a small kitchen or dining room feel cramped is the dining table. In many cases, individuals in a small apartment will end up having to make do with a smaller table that can't seat many people, or forego having a dining room table entirely.

However, expandable tables are a great compromise as they can offer you a table that is capable of supporting larger groups of people when needed. The way that most expandable dining tables work is by either having ends that can be folded out from underneath the table and locked into place, or by sliding the table apart to expose railing and empty space in the middle that you can place another piece on. The benefit to this approach is that it does give you the option to entertain more guests than you normally would with a small table, but it can be adjusted back to a smaller size when your guests leave.

Japanese Style Bedding

Another furniture option that is ideal for small space is Japanese style bedding. Japanese futons will usually consist of a simple foam pad and lightweight mattress that rest on the floor. Every single morning you are meant to roll up the mattress and pad and put it away. 

This is helpful for a smaller space because you can use your bedroom for other things throughout the day, such as turning it into a home office or reading area. In addition, this option lets you forego bulkier pieces of furniture that often come along with a Western style bed, such as a bed frame, headboard, or foot board.

Modular Seating

Modular seating is an interesting option for living room seating as it usually consists of multiple pieces that you can rearrange as much as you want. For example, a modular sofa can often be broken apart to supply multiple single-person seating options around the room.

Another benefit to this approach is that you often do not have to buy every piece of the modular furniture at once. This means that you can save a bit of money by only buying what need, while also keeping your home from feeling cramped since you can restrict your purchase to only those modular parts that you can fit at the moment. In addition, once you have a larger space, you can purchase more pieces to expand the modular sofa or sofas as much as you want. 

Visit your local furniture showroom or store (like Thomas Everett Fine Furniture) in order to find pieces that are perfect for use in a smaller living space. Modular seating, expandable tables, and Japanese style bedding are all great ways to make the most of a small space.