Choosing Furniture For Your Child's Small Bedroom

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Choosing Furniture For Your Child's Small Bedroom

12 October 2015
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If your child's bedroom is very small, then there are a few strategies that you can employ to select the best furniture options to fit the space, such as:

Use Tall Furniture Pieces to Add Volume

You may be tempted to select furniture that is small to match the small size of your child's bedroom. This is not an ideal choice because your child will just outgrow their furniture and you will have to replace it. Instead, you should choose pieces of furniture that are tall and will draw people's eyes upward and make the room appear to have more volume. Some good options are:

  • five and six drawer dressers
  • tall headboards and footboards 
  • four-poster beds

Mirrors that are mounted on the top of the dresser or on walls will also add volume to your child's small room space.

Use a Captain's Bed to Save on Floor Space

One piece of furniture that can save a lot of space and provide storage is a captain's bed. Captain's beds have drawers under their mattress to provide your child with ample storage. In fact, a captain's bed can replace the need for a separate chest of drawers or dresser in the room, which further saves on previous floor space in your child's small room. You can purchase a captain's bed with drawers on both sides for a larger room and on one side for a smaller one.

Use a Loft Bed with a Desk Underneath It

If your child wants to have a desk in their room to work on homework and art projects, then using a loft bed with a desk mounted on the bottom of it is a wonderful solution. The height of the loft will add the appearance of extra space to the room and the under-mounted desk will save on floor space over having a separate bed and desk in the room. Adding a staircase with built-in storage shelves or drawers will add more places to hide items out of sight and further eliminate the need for pieces of furniture to use for just storage.

Use White Furniture Against White Paint for an Illusion of More Space

Finally, even though white furniture is susceptible to looking dirtier faster, furniture pieces with a high-gloss white-painted surface are easy to clean and when placed against white walls will blend into the space giving an illusion of more overall space in your child's room.