When To Replace Your Mattress: 3 Milestones To Watch For

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When To Replace Your Mattress: 3 Milestones To Watch For

15 October 2015
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Getting a good night's sleep is important when it comes to maintaining your overall health. Without a quality mattress, getting the sleep your body needs can be almost impossible. With the price of mattresses ranging from $300 to over $30,000, some people put off investing in a new mattress for as long as possible. 

Here are three milestones you should be watching for in your own life to help determine when it's time to replace your mattress.

1. You begin to exhibit symptoms of a dust mite allergy.

Nasal congestion, itchy or watery eyes, or an itchy throat upon waking could be signs that you have developed an allergy to dust mites. The average human being sheds enough skin cells in a single day to feed a million dust mites.

Many of the dust mites that plague your home can be found in your mattress. Replacing your mattress with a fresh one, and covering the new mattress with a polyurethane cover that creates an airtight seal to keep dust mites out, can be a great way to alleviate your allergy symptoms.

2. You are diagnosed with sleep apnea.

With more than 18 million adults in the United States suffering from sleep apnea, the condition is becoming more common. If you have recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea, it may be time to invest in a new mattress. Sleep apnea is characterized by a collapsing of the airway which cuts airflow while you sleep. Since sleeping in a prone position can exacerbate the symptoms of sleep apnea, investing in an adjustable mattress could be a great way to help manage your condition in the future.

3. You begin experiencing back pain.

Living with back pain can be uncomfortable, and investing in a new mattress could help alleviate the pain you endure each day. Finding a mattress that provides the optimum amount of support for your joints can significantly reduce aches and pains when you wake in the morning.

Clinical data shows that a medium-firm mattress is the best option for those who suffer from persistent back pain, so be sure to look for a new mattress with a medium-firm support system as you shop.

Knowing when to invest in a new mattress can help you get the best night's sleep possible. If you are experiencing dust mite allergy symptoms, have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, or experience chronic back pain, consider purchasing a new mattress in the near future from a mattress store.