Healthful Rest: Find Out How Damaging A Bad Bed Could Be

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Healthful Rest: Find Out How Damaging A Bad Bed Could Be

28 January 2016
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Even when a bed is not providing the comfort it should, some people decide to keep theirs anyway. Purchasing a new bed can seem daunting or expensive for some people. But sticking to that old bed may be a bad idea for several reasons, which this guide will help you understand. 

Different Types Of Pain Could Arise

A bad bed could have leveling issues that will not provide the right support, which could lead to body aches, like a backache. An old bed might feel lumpy, especially if your bed has springs that might add pressure to different parts of your body. Keep in mind that the average person tosses and turns about 70 times a night, which explains how you can hurt yourself in more than one place. Yet, only 11 percent of people replace their beds when they experience discomfort.

Lack of a Goodnight's Sleep Could Lead To Other Things

You know that an uncomfortable bed might make it hard to get a good night's sleep, but do you know what kind of issues that might lead to? The following are just some of the things that lack of sleep could negatively affect:

  • Your Brain. One of the most dangerous things that a bad bed could do to you is damage your brain cells because it is not allowing you to sleep well. A lack of sleep can damage your brain cells because you force your LC neurons to keep you awake. The lack of these neurons could lead to depression or diseases, like Parkinson's disease.
  • Sexual Life. Another problem that you could see is a diminished sex life. The study was able to uncover how lack of sleep can affect a man's sexual drive and/or performance. This is because sleep problems seem to lower a man's testosterone. Remember that testosterone is also important for the production of strong sperm; this is especially important if you and your partner want to have children.
  • Life Itself. One of the worst outcomes of sleeping in a bad bed is you might be shortening your life. Yes, studies have shown that the lack of sleep can cut your life expectancy. The scary truth is that those who do not sleep well were 12 percent more likely to die in the next 25 years or less. 

As you can see, getting a bed that guarantees your comfort is more important that you might have imagined. So talk to a bed specialist like Florida Mattress Center as soon as possible to get a healthful rest.