Could Your Bedroom Be Keeping You From A Good Night's Sleep?

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Could Your Bedroom Be Keeping You From A Good Night's Sleep?

2 June 2016
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If you don't sleep as well as you wish, there might be some simple solutions that you can implement today. A bedroom should be a sanctuary, however, it seems that often these areas of the home become multipurpose spaces, which is not conducive to a good night's rest. Consider your own sleeping space and whether or not there are issues lurking that might be impacting how well you rest and relax there.

Some things in the bedroom that could be impacting your sleep are:

Your mattress.

Most mattress manufacturers suggest that you change your mattress every eight years. You may also want to put a protective cover over your mattress to protect your investment from dirt, dust, and oils that can be transferred during sleep from your body to the bed. Also, be sure to periodically flip your mattress, perhaps every spring, to ensure you don't begin to feel lumps and bumps in your bed that impact your quality of sleep.

Any allergens.

If you feel stuffy or sneeze in your sleeping space, you likely have some allergens lurking around. These frequently hide in carpeting so removing a rug and resorting to hardwood or laminate flooring can help. If you don't want to live without your wall-to-wall, then consider renting a shampoo machine and cleaning the carpeting several times per year to reduce the dust mites and allergens that could hide in the fibers.

The noise.

Noise might be the culprit when trying to figure out why you are not sleeping well at night. Invest in an inexpensive sound machine to drown out any city or street noise, while also providing a pleasant, consistent white noise that can help lull you to sleep. Try insulated drapes or panels on the windows to help further muffle the sounds of neighbors, roommates, or passers-by.

Your clutter.

The reason that you are not sleeping well might be due to difficulty in turning off your brain at night. A great way to make your room a more peaceful place to slumber is to get rid of distractions, like clutter. A cluttered space can make it challenging to shut-off your brain and relax, so get rid of belongings, piles of laundry, or junk that is taking up space in your sanctuary; create a calming and aesthetically-pleasing room that is congruent with rest and restorative sleep.

Sometimes there are some simple things that can be impacting your sleep in a significant way. Take these tips to determine why you aren't sleeping as well as you like, and to see if it improves your quality of rest. Talk with bedroom retailers about your mattress, and about what type of bed most suits your personal preference; take strides to reduce the allergens, noise, and clutter that might also be affecting the way that you sleep.

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