Storage Solutions For The Home That Will Fit Right In With Your Furnishings

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Storage Solutions For The Home That Will Fit Right In With Your Furnishings

14 October 2016
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If you find that you never have enough storage for the things that you need and use, consider some clever ways to integrate additional storage space in your home's furnishings. These pieces serve double-duty, as useful implements around your interiors, as well as the capacity to store items, belongings, and collectibles with ease. Another perk of these items is the accessibility that they provide you in everyday life, which makes daily living a bit more convenient.

Some storage solutions that will work with your furniture are:

Custom crates. For a quick and easy way to store your stuff, invest in customized wood storage crates. These can be finished to resemble end-tables or stands around the home, and allow for numerous options in terms of organizational features. For example, some may utilize dividers for storing paperwork while others feature compartments that work for stashing your shoes.

Storage ottomans. Ottomans are great to have around the house for additional seating when needed, but the ones with the hidden cavity under the seat are ideal storage spaces. These don't take up much room, and they can be upholstered in a wide-range of beautiful and coordinative fabrics. These work well for small items or for things that you might need frequently, on a daily basis.

Foyer benches. Are you wasting space in your home's foyer? Bring some quick storage for coats, shoes, and sporting goods with a foyer bench. These are the perfect spot to put on boots or sit and read the mail, but lift the seat and you can store your gear easily inside! Plus, the many styles of foyer benches can bring a lovely, finished look to this often overlooked area of the home.

Overhead options. The most wasted space around a home is often what is above your head; take advantage of vertical space by repurposing metal pot racks, often found in furniture or kitchen stores. These can be used to hang baskets, clothing, and bags, which all may help solve your storage shortage.

Recycled cabinetry. Start keeping an eye out for discarded or recycled cabinetry. Often when homeowners remodel, they discard old bathroom and kitchen cabinets which are ideal for solving storage issues in your home! Simple refinish the cabinets, change hardware, paint doors, and use individually in spots that you need a little more storage.

These pieces are clever and convenient, increasing your home storage stylishly. Don't deal with disorganized closets and overflowing drawers; invest in a few furnishings that promise a bit with storage cavities and cubbies. Look for these items to increase storage in space in your home! For more information, contact companies like B & ME Woodworking.