Buying Wood Furniture For Your Bedroom: Things To Consider

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Buying Wood Furniture For Your Bedroom: Things To Consider

3 February 2017
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There are many benefits to choosing wood bedroom furniture for your home. You get classic style that lasts and can enjoy your intimate space more freely. Before you pick out just any style of furniture, consider your options so you pick the best designs for your budget and personal style.

Type of wood

Wood furniture comes in a variety of woods that you can enjoy. You want to choose solid wood bedroom furniture based on its wood for two reasons: finish and durability. Oak is a common wood used in furniture due to its heavy durability and beautiful grain when finished and has a natural golden hue. Mahogany, cherry, and ash are other hard woods to consider for long-lasting bedroom furniture. You will find that harder woods typically have more ornate details added to posts and drawer spaces for added appeal.

Softer woods, such as pine, cedar, and fir are lighter in density and are more subtle in design, offering straight-laced lines you can enjoy in classic bedroom furniture designs. Any wood you choose for your headboards, bed frames, dressers, and mirrors can be finished in a hue that best matches your personal style, and pine can even be painted in modern hues, such as eggplant, white, or even dark black for dramatic effect.


Your budget will largely affect the type of wood you choose for your wooden bedroom furnishings. Pine is often your cheapest option, making it a wise choice for your more expensive purchase, such as your bed. Beech and ash woods are also in the more affordable range, with cherry, walnut, and mahogany being your more expensive options. If you have a tight budget, you may want to stick to your cheaper woods, giving them a rich red or golden yellow stain to help their grains stand out for beautiful appeal. You can splurge on oak or walnut dressers or mirror frames, having your wood pieces stained so they all match relatively well with your softer wood furnishings so you an stay within budget while still having luxury pieces.

If you are on a very tight budget, you may want to buy your bedroom furniture in a set to save money. Your local furniture store may give you a discount on your entire purchase if you buy all your solid wood furniture from the same maker or furniture line of the season, which can save you even more money that you can use for other bedroom decor.

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