Three Ways To Avoid Sending Old Furniture To The Curb

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Three Ways To Avoid Sending Old Furniture To The Curb

22 October 2019
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A piece of furniture can lose its appeal for a number of different reasons, and while it's ideal if you can donate the furniture to a local charity when you no longer want it, you might also simply want to drag it to the curb on garbage day. Unfortunately, too many people discard of furniture in this manner without necessarily realizing that there's a better solution. Often, a little bit of time in the care of a professional can help to turn an old piece of furniture into one that looks and feels new — and that you're excited to continue using. Here are three potential solutions.

Reupholstering It

It's possible that you're thinking about getting rid of a piece of furniture because the current upholstery is stained or torn, but it's also possible that the upholstery simply looks outdated and doesn't appeal to you any longer. If the rest of the piece of furniture is fundamentally sound, consider taking it to an upholstery professional. You can look at a variety of upholstery samples to determine which one you like best, and the upholstery professional can reupholster your piece of furniture to give it an entirely new look.

Adding More Padding

Sometimes, a piece of furniture will fall out of favor because it's not as comfortable as it used to be. A dining room chair, for example, may lose appeal because the seat cushion has gone flat over the years and no longer is comfortable to sit on. This issue shouldn't necessarily signify the end of the piece of furniture. Instead, an upholstery professional can remove the current cushion cover, add more padding — often in the form of a piece of foam cut to size — and then replace the cover. You'll be left with a chair that feels new because of its comfort.

Fixing Loose Issues

Some pieces of furniture can become rickety over time, and this can make you want to get rid of them. What you might not realize is that these issues can be fixed, thus saving you the cost of buying new furniture — and saving the landfill from growing in size, too. Take your furniture to a furniture repair professional. He or she can fix the loose issues in a number of ways to give the furniture the structural integrity that it used to have. This can include installing new hardware, gluing loose joints, and other similar methods.

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