Don't Be Afraid To Negotiate About These Things When You Shop For A Mattress

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Don't Be Afraid To Negotiate About These Things When You Shop For A Mattress

4 December 2019
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People are often quick to haggle when they're trying to buy a car or something at a pawn shop, but there are other times that negotiating can be effective when you shop. Buying a new mattress can be a considerable investment, but you might not realize that this is an opportunity to negotiate a little with your salesperson. While they might not be able to budge on the price, there are a number of other areas on which to focus. Some stores are more open to negotiations than others, and there are factors that can work in your favor. For example, if the store is currently trying to sell older stock, you might have more success. Don't be afraid to negotiate about these things.

Free Delivery

A lot of people who buy their own mattresses take care of transporting the mattress themselves, but this isn't possible for everyone. If your personal vehicle is small, or you live in a condo or apartment and are concerned about your ability to get the mattress into your unit, you might want to arrange delivery from the store. Mattress retailers typically charge a fee for delivery, but this is something that you might have some success in negotiating. See if you can get the delivery fee reduced or, even better, have the fee waived altogether.

Old Mattress Removal

One of the challenges that you'll face when you buy a new mattress is what you'll do with the old one. It might not be as simple as dragging it to the curb on garbage day, as some waste collection services won't pick up items that are as large as mattresses. This can mean that you'll need to take it to your local dump — which can be a hassle. Consider negotiating the removal of the old mattress, perhaps to coincide with the delivery of your new one. Many mattress stores will consider doing this for you, especially if it helps to close the deal.


If you're still unsure about buying the mattress, see if the salesperson is able to offer any add-ons to the deal. They might not be able to give you additional items for free, but select products at a discount can help to sweeten the deal. For example, perhaps you need a couple of pillows or a mattress topper. See if the salesperson can offer a price reduction on these valuable accessories. If you're able to come to a deal, you can work out the price and be ready to enjoy a better night's sleep.

Talk to a local mattress store for more information.