3 Reasons to Use Reclaimed Home Decor in Your Living Room

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3 Reasons to Use Reclaimed Home Decor in Your Living Room

10 March 2020
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The living room is a prime gathering spot for many households. It serves as a place to enjoy TV and movies, engage in a friendly gaming competition, or relax with a thrilling book. When searching for furniture and home decor for your living room, you should consider using reclaimed home decor.

Reclaimed home decor consists of pieces that have been salvaged and remade into home decor. For example, old barrels can be reclaimed as end tables. Wooden beams can be used to build bookcases or picture frames. Old glass can be made into artwork or into a glass detail for furniture. Keep reading to learn why you should consider using reclaimed home decor in your living room.

1. Reclaimed Pieces are Better for the Environment

When you purchase reclaimed home decor, you're supporting a manufacturer who has made a concerted effort to keep items out of the landfill. Instead of throwing old furniture or materials away, the manufacturer has given these items a second life as home decor.

It often requires less energy to repurpose existing materials than to gather new materials and fabricate them into home decor. This helps with lowering carbon emissions and other potential air pollutants. Since they already have the materials they need for the furniture, the manufacturer doesn't have to chop down more trees or acquire additional natural resources to get the supplies they need. 

2. Reclaimed Decor Offers a Unique Look

Reclaimed decor is popular with homeowners who want a unique look for their living room. Over time, many reclaimed materials adopt an aged look that can't be easily replicated. This gives your living room a distinct sense of style.

Wood items may adopt a color and hue that offers a charming finish to the piece. Grain variations and knots are other details that occur naturally over time. Copper materials will eventually oxidize and adopt a patina that gives the decor a beautiful coloration that new materials wouldn't have.

3. Reclaimed Home Decor Tends to Be Strong and Durable

Many pieces of reclaimed home decor are crafted from strong, durable materials that still have a lot of life left in them. Your reclaimed decor will last for years, allowing you to get a lot of usage out of your items.

A number of reclaimed pieces are handmade by experts who know how to make quality furniture and home decor. If you need decor that can withstand a busy, active household, consider a reclaimed home decor collection. 

To learn about reclaimed home decor collections, contact a furniture business.