Three Reasons to Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair

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Three Reasons to Choose an Ergonomic Office Chair

18 August 2020
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Health is important to maintain, but if you're one of those people who have to sit at a desk all day for work, it can be tough to find a chair that actually contributes to your health.

That's why ergonomic office chairs are worth the investment, whether you're a company that's looking for resources for your employees or you're an employee that just wants to make the most of their time at work. Since the average office worker spends nearly 1,700 hours a year looking at a computer screen—which translates to 32 hours a week—the type of chair you choose to sit in during that time can make a huge difference. Below are a few benefits to choosing ergonomic office chairs that you might not have thought about.

Fewer Sick Days

Believe it or not, ergonomic office chairs can actually improve your health while at work. The lumbar support and improved posture mean fewer back issues, which results in fewer days off work for the average employee. Not only that, but terribly designed office chairs can even contribute to lower blood circulation and a higher body fat percentage, both of which create more health issues in the future and more time off work. It can even hurt your digestive system. With poor circulation, food isn't dissolved properly into the bloodstream which means your body has a harder time processing lunch.

Improved Efficiency

One of the other reasons you should try to find ergonomic office chairs for sale to outfit your office is because it'll boost productivity during the workday. Poor posture reduces concentration and increases fatigue since the person sitting will have to spend more time trying to find a comfortable position to sit in. Complaints of "foggy brain" and the occasional desk nap are not uncommon. No matter which way you slice it, ergonomic office chairs increase your bottom line.

Increased Satisfaction

A 2018 study found that more than half of the workers in America are unhappy about their job. No doubt that some of that comes from a very real feeling that their boss doesn't care about their well-being; ergonomic office chairs provide the impression that management cares and is concerned for employee safety and morale. Happier employees result in a higher engagement at work, which not only produces better results but employees that stick with that company for a lot longer.

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