Is Your Startup Fashionably Furnished? 7 Characteristics Of The Hippest Office Furniture For Up-And-Coming Companies

If you are like most people, shopping for furniture might entail more than simply finding a few sofas that you like. Learn more here.

Is Your Startup Fashionably Furnished? 7 Characteristics Of The Hippest Office Furniture For Up-And-Coming Companies

17 September 2020
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As an entrepreneur, you're motivated, competent, and, of course, highly competitive. So, is your office fashionably furnished? Are your working and seating arrangements as hip as humanly possible? For a hip office, you should have all these things, with your distinctive touch added.

1. Fun

Unless you're occupying the corner penthouse suite, adorned with mahogany paneling and other fine appointments, your office should have a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. Let that be reflected in your furniture, by abandoning (most of) the rules and opting for different shapes, sizes, and colors that speak of creativity and cooperation. Collaborative desks join together, much the same way employees do, in forming a cohesive and functional unit, but they have a fun, friendly way about them you just won't get with stuffy, industrial-style, metal desks.

2. Funky

If you want to follow a particular theme in furnishing your office, by all means, don't be afraid to do so. You might be obsessed with poodles or ping-pong, and either can be the focal point of your office decor. If your company sells shoes, why not toss a few sneaker bean bag chairs in the waiting room? How about a sofa chair in the shape of a high-heeled shoe? The office of the future (and present) is comfy and conducive to production, not pretense, which means the sky's really the limit in terms of the out-of-the-box style.

3. Inclusive

There's really no one-size-fits-all in furniture; therefore, your chairs and sofas should reflect that. Have at least one adjustable office chair around, so you can welcome both tall and short visitors and clients. Also, if you could potentially have a wheelchair-bound or walking-impaired individual visiting the office, make sure you can accommodate them with arms on chairs for self-support, locking wheels, and other thoughtful ideas. 

4. Respectful Of The Human Body

No matter what the colors and styles of your office furnishings, all should respect the human body, in particular, the very delicate spine. Since many professionals (including you, perhaps) spend hours on end sitting down, the chairs you supply should be ergonomic and sensible. If such specialty items are a bit steep for your startup budget, invest in pre-owned models sometimes found in office furniture stores or ask about scratch-and-dent or floor models.

5. "Sleepable"

Elon Musk sometimes camps out in his office overnight and Facebook is famous for its prolonged code-a-thons, during which employees cram at their keyboards, often into the wee hours of the morning. While your office may not be a functioning hostel, there probably should be a space for you and other hard-working entrepreneurs to at least nap. A professional sofa that either can pulls out or is wide enough to fit a full-size person should suffice, but you could also look for chairs that fit together to form different sleep-ready surfaces.

6. Sustainable

No self-respecting entrepreneur can ignore the environment; thus, you need to make sustainability a priority. Look for models made from recycled materials and by companies with high ethical standards, such as those that donate to worthy causes and respect child labor laws.

7. Lasting

No matter the trends or tastes you furnish your office with, you want what you spend to be an investment. Ask about the expected lifespan of the products you buy and what types of warranties back those projections up. Don't forget to retain proof of purchase, too, so you can make the appropriate deductions on your taxes, if permissible.

Your office environment can affect your work flow in a positive, negative, or neutral manner, but you know you want it to blast your company far into the future. Combine your style, smarts, the most honorable trends, and your endless creativity to construct the coolest, most productive, and, yes, hippest profressional digs around.