Office Filing Systems: Tips To Help You Choose The Right Cabinets For Your Office Files

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Office Filing Systems: Tips To Help You Choose The Right Cabinets For Your Office Files

10 December 2020
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You should always keep your office organized. When you have a strategy for organizing files, client documents, and other important files, you work more efficiently. You also deal with fewer cases of lost documents and missing files. One of the oldest and still the most effective ways to store office documents is the use of filing cabinets. In addition to organizing the documents, the filing cabinet keeps them safe. You can choose the locking mechanism you want for the cabinet depending on the level of access control you need.

To get the best out of this storage system, you need to take care when choosing. Here are top guidelines that will help you choose the perfect filing cabinets to suit your needs. 

1. Consider the Orientation of the Filing Cabinets

The most common types of filing cabinets in the market are vertical cabinets, vertical, mobile, and open-shelf cabinets. The lateral filing cabinets are stacked on top of one another, and they have a tipping mechanism, which prevents the cabinet from falling. They also have more width than depth to allow space for side to side filing. Vertical cabinets are ideal when you have limited office space. They have shallow drawers, and you file the information from the front to back. Mobile cabinets can be rolled to any part of the office while open-shelf cabinets have no doors. Weigh the pros and cons of each cabinet type and choose the ideal one for your needs.

2. Consider Fire Safety

One of the first things to get destroyed when there is a fire in the office are documents. Most documents are made of paper, which easily catches fire. In case this happens, you stand to lose a lot of crucial business and client data. To prevent it from happening, insist on fireproof filing cabinets when choosing them. Fireproof file cabinets are made of materials such as stainless steel which does not catch fire easily. They are also theft-proof and waterproof. They are your best bet for secure document filing.

3. Consider the Extra Features

The quality and user-friendliness of your cabinets depend on the extra features in the design. When choosing cabinets, look for lockability, counterweights, and metal dividers. Lockable cabinets are safer than the open type. Metal dividers make organization easy while counterweights keep the cabinets stable.

The most important thing is to contact companies that sell office filing systems. With their help, you will get a durable, convenient, and secure way to organize your files.