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Healthful Rest: Find Out How Damaging A Bad Bed Could Be

28 January 2016
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Even when a bed is not providing the comfort it should, some people decide to keep theirs anyway. Purchasing a new bed can seem daunting or expensive for some people. But sticking to that old bed may be a bad idea for several reasons, which this guide will help you understand.  Different Types Of Pain Could Arise A bad bed could have leveling issues that will not provide the right support, which could lead to body aches, like a backache. Read More …

3 Factors To Consider When Buying A Scanner

21 December 2015
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Have you been considering buying a scanner for your home office? In today's digital age, a scanner can be an extremely important piece of equipment. Many companies prefer to receive documents in digital form via email. A scanner can help you convert your important paper documents to digital form. Also, a scanner can reduce your need for filing cabinets and other storage systems for paper documents. With a scanner, you can simply store all your digital documents either on your computer or in the cloud. Read More …

Remove A Wine Stain From A Velvet Couch

28 November 2015
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If you accidentally spilled a glass of wine on one of the cushion's on the velvet couch in your living room, learn how to safely remove it by completing the following steps. After cleaning the couch, the velvet fabric will not be stained and the piece of furniture will have an attractive appearance. Materials lint-free cloths vinegar water spray bottle baking soda soft bristle scrub brush vacuum cleaner (for wet/dry surfaces) hairdryer  suede brush Soak Up The Wine And Apply Vinegar And Water Read More …

When To Replace Your Mattress: 3 Milestones To Watch For

15 October 2015
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Getting a good night's sleep is important when it comes to maintaining your overall health. Without a quality mattress, getting the sleep your body needs can be almost impossible. With the price of mattresses ranging from $300 to over $30,000, some people put off investing in a new mattress for as long as possible.  Here are three milestones you should be watching for in your own life to help determine when it's time to replace your mattress. Read More …

Buying Antique Furniture: Get A Piece Of History For Less

12 October 2015
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Antique furniture is not only very sturdy and well made, but the pieces are often one of a kind. Mid-century designers such as Knoll and Eames are always a popular choice, and the objects are functional as well as beautiful to look at. If you're in the market for a vintage or antique furniture piece or two, it's important to know what to look for as well as how to get the best price. Read More …